Tracy is passionate about light and color. Living in the Pacific Northwest affords her a wide variety of subject matter and a myriad of ways to portray both light and color in the fantastic medium of watercolor!




out for a walk  

Tracy strives to portray mood and a sense of place in her landscape paintings.  As they view the scene, she hopes to take them to a place where they can find peace and rest amidst the hectic pace of daily life.

"Art washes away from the soul the everyday dust of life"

-Pablo Picasso


Achieving vibrancy, color and light in her florals is of great importance to her as well, and there is no shortage of beautiful flowers to choose from in the great Pacific Northwest!


Awards and Recognitions:

"JT",  Second Place. Adult Professional division/Watercolor. Clackamas County Fair 2004

"Peony", 1st place and Best of Show. Adult Professional division/Watercolor. Clackamas County Fair 2005 

"Showmanship", Outstanding. Adult Professional division/Watercolor. Clackamas County Fair 2014 

Tracy is a member of the Watercolor Society of Oregon                                



From the time her mother plopped her on the kitchen floor with finger paints and a giant sheet of paper, Tracy has always loved art.

She enjoyed painting throughout her younger years and on into junior high and high school. It was soon after her daughter was born that she decided to try her hand at watercolor, and there her true love for the medium was found. She learned mostly from instructional books written by artists whose work she admired. Tracy feels fortunate to have been able to attend the workshops of several of those artists. The first was one of her high school art teachers, Judy Morris, followed by Tom Lynch, Eric Wiegardt, and David Taylor. 

Her personal style has evolved over time. And in Tracy's own words, "As an artist I believe each painting or sketch I do is a creative process. I grow in my artistic ability each time I pick up a brush or pen to begin a new piece."

 Artist Matt Leblanc is quoted as saying:

"We push ourselves to learn more, be more and experiment more."


" It is out of making mistakes that the next great thing will come."




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